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The IndoDic Spell Check word list (download here) is provided free of charge and "as is". We make no representations or warranties, express or implied of fitness or suitability for any particular purpose. The wordlist is hereby declared to be in the Public Domain and free for use in self study or in educational programs, provided that it is not used for commercial purposes or as part of any course that is profit motivated.


Because English and bahasa Indonesia have the same alphabet, most spell check programs that are designed for English spell checking can also be used for checking Indonesian word spelling, but only if they have a list of properly-spelled Indonesian words to use for the matching process. The word list below is meant to be used for that purpose.


The Indonesian word list we have below is suitable to be used as a supplemental dictionary (a Custom Dictionary) for existing spell check programs. It is not a stand-alone spell check program.

The idea is to copy the word list we provide here to your own computer's spell check folder. There are many different spell check programs and we can not give installation instructions for all of them, but the following example will illustrate the procedure.

Example Installation:

For recent Microsoft Windows and Office computer applications:

1. Copy the Word List - copy IndoWordList.dic file to clipboard (Edit/copy or Ctrl. C)

2. Paste the Word list - Go to My Computer/Local Disc C/Documents & Settings/User Name/Application Data/Microsoft/Proof - paste IndoWordList.dic into the Proof folder (Edit/paste or Ctrl. V)

3. Activate IndoWordList - Open any Microsoft Word document and activate IndoWordList.dic by selecting Tools/Options/Spelling & Grammar/Custom Dictionaries,then checking the box beside IndoWordList.dic

4. Test - type the phrase "bicara banyakk" and do a spell check on it (highlight the text, then press F7 key - or use Tools/Spelling& Grammar) - If the spell checker is working properly it should ignore "bicara" but show "banyakk" as misspelled and suggest "banyak" as the correct spelling.


Troubleshooting: If the spell checker isn't working it may be because the IndoWordList file you pasted into the proof folder has the wrong file extension at the end

for Microsoft applications it must be IndoWordList.dic and not IndoWordList.txt.

or maybe - Some older spell check programs have limited file sizes and the 42,000 words must be divided into 2 or 3 files (and thus 2 or 3 custom dictionaries - such as IndoList1, IndoList2, etc.).




Optional Installation: Copy Words Directly - Users can also open the IndoWordList file (double click on the name), select all of the words and copy/paste the words into an existing file in their spell check program. For Microsoft applications this would be pasting the words into a new file created by the spell check program

- To Do This: with any Word document open, go to Tools/Options/Spelling & Grammar/Custom Dictionaries, then click on New and type in any name you want for the new file, but keep the .dic file extension. Then follow the steps 1. thru 4. as described above - but paste the words directly into the new file you created instead of pasting the entire file.


Caution: When spell checking both English and Indonesian together, the spell checker may often suggest alternative spellings from the wrong language as well as from the correct language. This is unavoidable with this arrangement - just remember all of this was free!!


If your spell checker requires a .txt file instead of a .dic file, simply rename the file to IndoWordList.txt


Spell Check programs work by comparing a list of properly-spelled words with text and highlighting those text words that do not match up with a properly spelled word.


This is possible because the two languages have the same alphabet. Download the wordlist here.

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